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Your agreement

The following shall constitute a binding agreement between you ('the Customer') and Inzu Limited (trading as Inzu) ('Inzu') for your use of the services provided on payments.inzu.net ('the Inzu Payment Gateway’).

This agreement relates solely to the activity of purchasing goods via the Inzu Payment Gateway. It does not cover the use of any other Inzu domains, services, software or other products.

If you choose to register with Inzu during the checkout procedure, you will be asked to agree to Inzu’s main terms and conditions (which are applied in addition to this agreement).

This agreement, together with any amendments, constitutes the agreement between you and Inzu ('the Agreement’).

Any amendments that affect the way we use your personal data will require you to provide explicit consent to those changes. You will be notified by email of such amendments, with instructions on how to accept or decline them.


The service

The Inzu Payment Gateway provides a platform for businesses, organisations and individuals to take payments online. Payments can be made for the following goods/services:

Physical Goods
Computer files


  1. When transacting via the Inzu Payment Gateway, you are buying directly from a registered Inzu user (‘the Merchant’). The Inzu Payment Gateway only provides a platform that facilitates transactions between the Customer and the Merchant, Inzu is not the legal merchant.
  2. Inzu is not responsible for the; accuracy of product/service descriptions, quality of product/service or legality/safety of the product/service. These responsibilities are solely those of the Merchant.
  3. The Merchant’s terms and conditions apply in addition to the Agreement, including but not limited to; refunds policy, privacy policy and copyright restrictions.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. Merchants are legally bound by Inzu’s main terms and conditions to uphold high levels of customer service and obey all relevant local laws.
  2. If the Customer feels expected levels of service are not being upheld, they may lodge a complaint with Inzu customer support. In such circumstances, a Merchant (if acting in way that breaches Inzu’s main terms and conditions) may have their account suspended or terminated.
  3. The Customer must attempt to resolve any order issues (except file download issues) directly with the Merchant. The Customer will allow 14 days from the date they contacted the Merchant before contacting Inzu.
  4. If the Customer has a complaint that is less serious, Inzu will note the stated issues and, in some circumstances, issue a warning to the Merchant.


  1. Refunds are controlled by the Merchant, the Merchant’s refund policy applies in all circumstances.
  2. Inzu does not action refunds on behalf of a Merchant.
  3. If a Merchant refuses to refund the Customer but there is a legitimate complaint, the Customer may contact Inzu customer support 14 days from the date they first contacted the Merchant.
  4. While Inzu will not usually refund the Customer without the Merchant’s consent, we will work to find an amicable solution, or, in cases of fraud/deception, will work with the Customer’s bank/card issuer and relevant authorities to return funds to your account.

Physical Goods

  1. For the sale of physical goods, Inzu is not responsible for the; quality of product, accuracy of product description, legality/safety of product, delivery times, delivery methods, shipping charges, import taxes or product returns. These responsibilities are solely those of the Merchant.
  2. The Customer agrees to supply full and legitimate contact and shipping details as requested at the point of purchase.

Computer files

  1. Inzu is not responsible for a computer file’s; accuracy of description, file format, file content or legality/safety. These responsibilities are solely those of the Merchant.
  2. Inzu is responsible for the delivery of downloadable computer files hosted on Inzu servers. The Customer will be instructed on how to download computer files when the purchase has been completed. If the Customer has issues downloading files they may contact Inzu customer support immediately.
  3. The Customer may require additional computer software, computer hardware or other products/services to run/license the purchased files.
  4. The Customer agrees to obey all copyright restrictions imposed by the Merchant.

Tickets / Appointments

  1. For the sale of tickets / appointments Inzu is not responsible for the; quality of service/event, accuracy of service/event description, legality/safety of service/event, delays, re-scheduling or cancellations. These responsibilities are solely those of the Merchant.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Merchant to organise all aspects of services / events booked via Inzu. Unless otherwise stated Inzu takes no part in the marketing, logistics, performance or presentation of events / services sold via the Inzu Payment Gateway.
  3. On completion of purchase, the Customer will be issued a digital ticket number by email. The Customer agrees to make and keep a copy of this number (which will be required to redeem the purchase).
  4. The Customer understands that Inzu does not provide/deliver printed tickets or any other form of physical ticket.
  5. The Customer must contact the Merchant directly to re-schedule a booking.
  6. Donations

  7. For donation payments, Inzu is not responsible for the; legitimacy of the organisation / individual, views (published or private) of the organisation / individual, the organisation’s / individual’s political or other affiliations, how funds are used by the organisation / individual. These responsibilities are solely those of the Merchant.
  8. The Customer understands that donations do not constitute a reciprocal contract and the Merchant is only responsible for upholding agreements they have made directly with the Customer.
  9. The Customer agrees to contact Inzu customer support if they believe donations may be being solicited for illegal purposes.


  1. For invoice payments, Inzu is not responsible for; any part of the goods/services invoiced, issuing invoices / reminders, overdue payments, legal actions regarding non-payment. These responsibilities are solely those of the Merchant.
  2. The Customer agrees that invoice payments made are exactly for the goods/services described on the invoice and that they are the correct payee, or that they are acting with the consent of the payee.
  3. The Customer agrees that invoice payments unless otherwise stated by the Merchant do not require any further action by the Merchant.


  1. On checkout the Customer may be required to pay sales tax in addition to their purchase. Tax payments are in addition to the list price of products and will be displayed once the Customer has submitted their location information.
  2. Sales tax calculations are based on rates supplied by TaxJar.com and by product categorisations supplied by the Merchant. Inzu is not responsible for any inaccuracies that may occur from the rates supplied by TaxJar.com or wrongly categorised products. If the Customer believes the tax calculation applied is incorrect, they should contact Inzu support before completing the purchase.

Charges and Billing

The Customer agrees to pay for all the goods/services purchased via the Inzu Payment Gateway and agrees that their credit/debit card or PayPal account be charged for such payment.

Indemnity and Waiver

  1. By using this service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Inzu and its agents, representatives, employees, licensors, content and technology providers, and any parent or subsidiary company from any and all losses, claims, demands, causes of actions and judgments (including legal fees on an indemnity basis and court costs) which arise out of your breach of the Agreement or use of the Inzu Payment Gateway.
  2. You shall not sue or seek to recover any damages or other payment from Inzu and its agents, representative, employees, licensors, content and technology providers, or any parent or subsidiary company as a result of its decision to terminate or suspend the Agreement and service hereunder.


  1. By agreeing to the terms of the Agreement you accept that your use of the Inzu Payment Gateway and the services contained therein is at your own risk. The Inzu Payment Gateway is provided 'as is' and 'as available' and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. This shall include (but not be limited to) all implied warranties of fitness for purpose or merchantability to the extent permitted by law.
  2. Inzu shall use its reasonable efforts to protect the information submitted by you but you hereby acknowledge and accept that your submission of such information is at your own risk and no liability shall attach to Inzu for any loss or liability to you relating to such information.
  3. Whilst Inzu will make all reasonable efforts to ensure an interrupted service, Inzu does not make any guarantee or warrant that your use of the Inzu Payment Gateway will be uninterrupted and without error, and you recognise that Inzu may temporarily suspend the service from time to time without notice to you in order to undertake essential maintenance.
  4. Whilst Inzu will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Inzu Payment Gateway will be free from viruses, corruption or loss or other security breaches, Inzu makes no warranties in this regard and shall not be liable for any loss relating thereto.
  5. In the event that files stored with Inzu and accounts relating to sales records may be lost due critical server failure, fire damage, natural disasters, acts of terrorism or liquidation of third party suppliers Inzu is not responsible for the return or access to the lost information.

Privacy Policy

  1. To make payments via the Inzu Payment Gateway, the Customer is required to submit personal information. That information is shared partially with the Merchant and Inzu’s payment processors.
  2. The Customer will be asked to submit their name, email address, payment details, and in the case of physical goods, a delivery address. In addition to this information Inzu will also store the Customer’s I.P. address and their browser type/version. Merchant’s may also request for the Customer to supply a phone number.
  3. How Inzu uses your information:

  4. Inzu does not share the Customer’s purchase history, contact information or any other personal information with any other third party with the exception of:
    1. Credit/debit card information will be sent to Stripe for processing.
    2. Order details including e-mail address, product list, pricing and shipping information will be sent to PayPal for payments made by PayPal.
  5. For unregistered users, Inzu does not retain any information from the Customer’s credit/debit card (with the exception of the card's country of issuance for the purchase of digital goods).
  6. If the Customer has logged in with an Inzu account and opts to save a payment card, Inzu will retain the expiry date and last 4 digits of the card used for payment. Inzu will also retain a card and account identification number from Stripe.
  7. Inzu does not retain any information from the Customer’s PayPal account other than for the purchase of digital goods where the billing location is retained for tax purposes.
  8. Inzu does not use Customer’s contact details for any marketing purposes. You will only be contacted by Inzu if their is a specific issue with an order you have placed.
  9. For registered users Inzu may use the Customer’s purchase history to recommend to them goods and services from Inzu merchants (that they have previously purchased from or chosen to ‘follow’ on their ‘My Inzu’ stream) or via opt-in email notifications.
  10. The Customer is given the option to subscribe to the Merchant’s mailing-list on checkout. By opting in to a mailing list, you agree that the Merchant may send you marketing information relating to their organisation. Unless otherwise agreed, your email will not, as a result of opting in to a Merchants’ mailing list, be used by any third party or by Inzu itself. You may request deletion from the mailing-list by contacting the Merchant directly or by clicking the unsubscribe link found in the marketing e-mails.
  11. Inzu will use the Customer’s I.P. address and browser information for security, troubleshooting and internal performance metrics.
  12. How merchants use your information:

  13. The Merchant does not receive the Customers payment information or their I.P. address/browser details.
  14. The Merchant does receive the Customer’s contact information, product information/booking information and in the case of physical products a delivery address.
  15. The Merchant may contact the Customer by e-mail or phone in regard to their purchase, but may not solicit any other goods or services unless the Customer has expressly agreed to such activities.
  16. The Merchant will not share a Customer’s information with any other third-party unless the Customer has expressly agreed to such an arrangement.
  17. Data access/retention:

  18. To provide a functioning service for Merchants and to ensure Inzu is able to cooperate with fraud and other legal investigations, Inzu will retain the Customer’s personal information for a minimum of 24 months.
  19. After 24 months the Customer may request for their purchase history to be anonymised, meaning that purchase records remain but the associated name, email, phone number, delivery address and I.P. address may be removed.
  20. The Customer has the right to request a copy of the personal information that Inzu holds. Please address requests to The Data Protection Officer at Inzu support@Inzu.net.
  21. The Site contains links to third party web sites. Inzu is not responsible for the practices or privacy policy of such third party web sites and your use of those third party sites is at your own risk and you should consult the relevant terms and conditions of those sites for further information.
  22. No Partnership

    Nothing herein shall be deemed to constitute a partnership, agency or joint venture between the Customer and Inzu.


    This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.

Registered in the United Kingdom: Inzu Limited #10320075



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